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Yes, NW Juniors Volleyball Club acquired Bottega Fitness Park (now Bottega Beach) but our facility is open to all!

Indoors, we operate one of the largest clubs in the region, but we have been running beach programming for junior players for several years. All of our beach programs are open to players (and parents now) from all clubs and all age groups. We jumped in and acquired Bottega because it was in danger of closing. It had been the home of another beach group, but they left for greener pastures and left Bottega without beach programs or a reason to remain open. Beach volleyball is a growing sport, and Bottega is a destination for beach volleyball in the Northend. We wanted to upgrade and create a beach volleyball experience that would make everyone welcome. And we want to make sure everyone knows... Bottega Beach is open to all!!! 

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Forms and Links

Bottega Waiver & USAV Event Forms

Registration is OPEN!

Beach Club Tryout Registration

Our Beach Club is open to girls AND boys, with the mindset of growing the sport in all facets. Our tryouts serve as an evaluation opportunity so that we can determine the training group assignment. We will also use our tryouts to select a Travel Team.

Beach Volleyball Training Registration

Beach volleyball training at Bottega for April and/or May. Sign up for one or sign up for both! 5 Lessons per month; each Lesson is 2-hours. You choose the day: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday; 5:30-7:30 p.m.

BOTTEGA BEACH VOLLEYBALL PARK (just 5 min north of Woodinville)
8305 168th St. SE, Snohomish WA 98296
Phone: 360-217-7993