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Junior Tournaments

7/3/2020: Covid19 Update

The governor's order is for five people or less in a training zone (court) and no spectators. There is also a threat of rolling back to Phase1 because of the recent spike in cases. We do not want to contribute to the increase; therefore, we will be enforcing a new policy at our beach tournaments, effective 4th of July Weekend. Any persons that are not able to follow these policies will be asked to leave the facility.

  2. Participants will NOT be required to wear masks while playing.

Everyone inside the gates must wear a mask when they are not playing or are not inside their vehicle. Exceptions will be made when eating or drinking.

Your safety is our priority, so no player should attend if they feel sick or have a temperature of 100.4F or higher. Please take your temperature before leaving your house for the tournament. We ask that you read and fully understand our onsite protocols.  See our dedicated page for Covid19 related:

2020 Junior Tournaments

These are our confirmed dates for tournaments. Schedule is subject to change because of Covid-19. Check our site for the most up to date information and to register.  Registrations will be limited while Snohomish County is in Phase 2.  See our dedicated page for Covid19 related:

We have a few other weekends that we may be adding but did not want to delay getting these dates out. We have also added some events of interest that we do not host, but are directly involved in. 

We will be linking registration information as soon as it is available; if you don't see a link then please check back later.  All tournaments are Doubles unless otherwise indicated.

2020 Schedule

WEEKEND CHECK-IN TIMEGates open at Bottega 30 minutes before check-in

One Wave:  Check-in at 8:30, play starts at 9:00 AM

Two Wave:

  • AM Check-in at 7:30, play starts at 8:15 AM 
  • PM Check-in at 2:00, play starts at 2:45 PM

Click on Event Name for additional information and to register.


**Cancellation policy, see below tournament schedule

We have format and tournament information below the schedule. There are a few unique new formats that we hope will get teams excited about our series. We hope to see you this summer!

What you need before you register:

  1. *Proof of  Membership Required  for tournaments. When you register for our tournaments, you will register as a team, so you will need membership information for both players. For AVP America, you can lookup Membership numbers HERE. For USA Volleyball, you can contact your partner, or the region office .
  2. **Parent e-mail of teammate.  An e-mail with the link to our  on-line NW Beach VB waiver  is automatically sent to both players and must be signed in order to complete your entry.  Signing this waiver each time is required in order to participate in our tournaments.

June 21

Father-Daughter Doubles (AVP)

(Max 18 teams-  FULL)

NW Jrs. Beach


U14 or 15+



June 28

NWJRS Beach Club Members Only Tournament

NW Jrs. Beach

AM: U12 & U14 

PM: U16 & U18


$80 per team

Saturday, July 4th

Firecracker Family Open - Doubles (AVP): Mother-Son (or Daughter); Father-Daughter (or son) 

NW Jrs. Beach


Mother-Child and Father-Child 


$80/Team FULL

July 5

NWJRS Beach Series #1
(AVP* America)

NW Jrs. Beach

AM: U12 & U14

PM: U16 & U18


July 11

NWJRS Beach Series #2
(AVP* America)

NW Jrs. Beach

U12 & U16


July 12
NWJRS Beach Series #2
(AVP* America)
NW Jrs. Beach U14 & U18



July 18
NWJRS Beach Series #3 
(AVP* America)
NW Jrs. Beach

U12 & U14



Sunday, July 19 NWJRS Beach Series #3 
(AVP* America)
NW Jrs. Beach

U16 & U18



July 25

NWJRS Beach Series #4 
(AVP* America)

NW Jrs. Beach

U12 & U14



July 26

NWJRS Beach Series #4 
(AVP* America)

NW Jrs. Beach

U16 & U18



July 26th Changed: PSR-USAV is not sanctioning tournaments at this time.

For those looking to enter our August Tournaments: We want to see how our first two July tournaments go before we begin to take registrations for August. Covid rules, cooperation, etc. will determine our willingness to host in August.
Aug 1
NWJRS Beach Series #5 (AVP* America) NW Jrs. Beach U12 & U16 $80/Team
Aug 2
NWJRS Beach Series #5 (AVP* America) NW Jrs. Beach U14 & U18 $80/Team
Aug 8 
PSR/NW Juniors Beach Series (USA* Volleyball) NW Jrs. Beach U12 & U14 $80/Team
Aug 9
PSR/NW Juniors Beach Series (USA* Volleyball) NW Jrs. Beach U16 & U18 $80/Team

Aug 15

NWJRS Beach Series Finale (AVP* America)

NW Jrs. Beach

U12 & U14


Aug 16

NW Juniors Beach Series Final (AVP* America)

NW Jrs. Beach

U16 & U18


Saturday, Aug 29 PSR/NW Juniors Beach Series Finale/BRQ ’21 (USA* Volleyball) NW Jrs. Beach U15 & U17 $80/team
Sunday, Aug 30 PSR/NW Juniors Beach Series Finale/BRQ ’21 (USA* Volleyball) NW Jrs. Beach U11 & U13  $80/team

Non-NWJRS  BEACH CLUB MEMBERS   AVP Membership (Required for AVP Tournaments.)   When registering select "AVP America" for athletic level".

**USAV  2020 Tournaments are hosted by USAV - ALL Players must bring with them the day of the tournament INCLUDING NW Juniors Indoor Club Members: 

NW Beach VB/Bottega Waiver  *Requires player and parent signatures.

Tournament Cancellation and Changes Policy:  A full refund less $10 admin fee will be refunded without question if the request is made 7 days prior to the event; after that no refund will be issued. Requests for refunds for medical reasons must be accompanied by a signed excuse from your physician. No exceptions.

A $10 change fee will be required to change from one event to another.  Change requests must be made 7 days prior to the event.  If a player is asked to leave due to disciplinary reasons, fees are not refundable.

Rarely do we cancel tournaments, but in the event we do cancel due to weather a full refund will be issued.

All cancellations or changes must be put in writing and e-mailed to

Tournament Overview

There are a lot of changes happening on the beach this summer and we will be directly involved in hosting events on multiple platforms.

Our final schedule reflects a mix of AVP America, USA Beach, and Inter-Club Beach Events. 

We want to make it clear that while many of the events carry a "qualifier" nature to them, they are all open to anyone at any skill level. There is usually room for at least 12 teams at any age group (and up to 36 in some) so that brings a wide range of skill levels and goals. If you are just getting started on the beach, don't let the "qualifier" nature keep you from entering. Every tournament is it's own opportunity for you (and your partner) to improve on the beach. Play in as many as your schedule allows!

2020 Queen of the Beach and King of the Beach -- Three Dates!

NW Juniors has included Queen of the Beach and King of the Beach tournaments to our 2020 Beach Schedule. 

Enter these events as an individual. Play several games with and against other individuals.
Phase 2 – limited to 4 players per court – no court mixing – 3 matches total, $15 per person
Phase 3 – more players accepted, court mixing, multiple rounds, $30 per person

We will set limits for each division as we get closer to each tournament.  Play will begin for the Morning wave at 9:00 AM; Play will begin for the Afternoon wave at noon. 

  1. U12-U14 Girls - AM Wave
  2.  U16-18 Girls - PM Wave
  3. Boys any age (may be mixed in with girls if necessary)

Additional Information about Queen or King of the Beach Tournaments:

  • You enter as an individual. Not with your partner.
  • We are trying to determine the one (1) Queen or King of the Beach, not a Team of the Beach :) that's what the doubles tournaments are for!
  • In this format you are paired with other individuals in a pool and play with & against each of the players in your pool. At the end of the pool the top two individuals move up, the bottom two move down. Then we play a new pool.
  • Top individual player from the Gold Pool is Queen or the King of the Beach
  • It's a great, FUN format that gives the players a lot of play (up to 9 total games each for EVERYONE).
  • We split into separate divisions as we go and give awards in each division, so everyone has a chance to win something!

The top player is named Queen of the Beach or King of the Beach because somewhere along they way they might have to: Play right or left side; make a weak player stronger; figure out how to beat a better player on the other side of the net with their partner that they have never played with; Adjust, think, problem-solve, win.

REGISTER HERE==>: Queen  or King of the Beach Tournament

2020 NW Jrs Beach Series (AVP America Tournaments)

NW Juniors Beach club will resurrect our Junior Beach Series. Every participant will receive a NW Beach Series tank top the first time the play in one of our tournaments. Beyond the National implications of our tournaments, NW Juniors Beach Club will be holding our own series of Beach Tournaments - all that will require AVP Membership. Each tournament in our series will be it's own "event" where players can play for prizes in multiple age groups and divisions. These tournaments are for players of all levels. 

Each tournament will earn participants points and raffle tickets for our Beach Series Finale tournament August 17-18. Our points winners will receive prizes and we will have a raffle to give away several volleyball-related merchandise. Players earn raffle tickets for participation (one per tournament) and for placing in the top two of any division (the higher the level, the more the raffle tickets). But everyone who participates throughout the summer is eligible for prizes. Don't miss out on the fun!

Sunday, July 5 |NWJRS Beach Series #1 (AVP America) |Bottega Beach |AM: U14 & U12 PM: U16 & U18

Saturday, July 11 |NWJRS Beach Series #2 (AVP America) |Bottega Beach |U12 & U16

Sunday, July 12 |NWJRS Beach Series #2 (AVP* America) |Bottega Beach |U14 & U18

Saturday, July 18 |NWJRS Beach Series #3 (AVP America) |Bottega Beach | U14 & U12 

Sunday, July 19 |NWJRS Beach Series #3 (AVP America) |Bottega Beach | U16 & U18

Saturday, July 25 |NWJRS Beach Series #4 (AVP America) |Bottega Beach | U14 & U12 

Sunday, July 26 |NWJRS Beach Series #4 (AVP America) |Bottega Beach | U16 & U18

Saturday, August 1 |NWJRS Beach Series #5 (AVP America) |Bottega Beach |U12 & U16

Sunday, August 2 |NWJRS Beach Series #5 (AVP* America) |Bottega Beach |U14 & U18

Saturday, August 15 |NWJRS Beach Series Finale (AVP America) |Bottega Beach |U12 & U14

Sunday, August 16 |NWJRS Beach Series Finale (AVP America) |Bottega Beach |U16 & U18

All tournaments will be part of the AVP America Series, so they will need an AVP Membership to participate. Each event will  earn points toward AVP First Nationals, which will be held at Hermosa Beach, CA. [More INFO on the AVP First Tour

2019 USAV Qualifiers & Nationals

Created in 2018, the USA National Beach Tour is a joint effort between USA Volleyball and the 40 Regions of USA Volleyball for both juniors and adults!

The tour will consist of junior and adult qualifying and non-qualifying events.

Qualifying events will distribute bids to the Junior Championships to be held in July.  Bids are awarded in the National Open Division (at BNQ events) and Regional Open Division (from BRQ events) .

Manhattan Beach, Calif., will host the 2019 USA National Beach Tour - Junior Championships on July 18-23.

Athletes can qualify for the NBT-Junior Championships at 2019 National Beach Qualifiers (BNQs) that will be held around the country. The top four pairs in each division from Beach National Qualifiers and a select number of bid winners from Beach Regional Qualifiers earn spots into the national championship.

Players can register now for 2019 NBT events at

There is also a Patriot division for teams that don’t earn a bid, but still want to compete.

Girls’ and boys’ teams in the 12-and-under and 16U divisions will compete July 18-20. Teams in the 14U and 18U divisions will compete July 21-23.

2019 BNQ and BRQ's at Bottega and Willis Tucker:


As noted above, players have the opportunity to qualify for USA Junior Beach Nationals through participation in BNQ's and BRQ's. Local athletes will have three opportunities to do so right here at our home beach facility:

NW Juniors Beach Club will host TWO BRQ's which will qualify teams in the National Regional Division at Nationals. Both events, as well as a link to registration are listed above in our schedule:

  • Sunday, May 19
  • Sunday, June 9

Bottega Beach and Willis Tucker Park will also serve as host to the Puget Sound Region's Beach National Qualifier, which will qualify teams for the National Division at Beach Nationals. That tournament will be held June 29 & 30 (2-day tournament). Registration will be handled by the Puget Sound Region.

2019 Points Leaders with free entry August 17

Top 2 players in points, each age group:
Complete Point Standings 

Division Player Name Series #1 Series #2 Series #3 Series #4 Series #5 TOTAL
Girls U12 Kylie Kleckner   4   5 14 23
Girls U12 Ashlyn Buck     5   14 19
Girls U14 Brooklyn Helle 9 12 22 26   69
Girls U14 Lauren Ellis 5 8 20 22   55
Girls U16 Marissa Martinez   4 10 18 11 43
Girls U16 Josslyn Decker     11 14 13 38
Girls U18 Emily Dann     5   10 15
Girls U18 Sydney Holmes     5   10 15


Tournament Locations

This year we are lucky enough to be able to use both Willis Tucker Park AND Bottega to run tournaments.   That means extra courts and extra playing opportunities for juniors and adults as we run our series. 

Tournaments may be held at two locations, with location rotating between age groups.

We are very excited to have this flexibility and the opportunity to better the beach experience for everyone in the community!

BNQ Tournament format (USAV)

Below is an excerpt from the tournament handbook. 

Age groups are the same as indoors.

USAV Tournaments - Membership & Additional Paperwork

If you DID NOT play club with NWJRS Elite VBC in 2020 then you will need to complete the following registration items. 

The following documents are required at check-in.  We will keep them on file throughout the summer, so you only need to turn them in once for NW Volleyball events.  

  • PROOF OF USAV MEMBERSHIP (Individual Membership Card): How do you get it? All participants in Northwest Volleyball outdoor events must be USAV Members.  Please be sure to bring proof of USAV membership for check-in the day of the event.
  • If you are not already a member (junior indoors) here is information on how to get your Outdoor USAV Membership HERE 
  • If you are a member: Go to the USAV Membership Login Page and enter your personal Username and Password.  Once you are on your personal page, look to the left column, and click "Print Membership Card" and print that page.  That is your USAV Card.  Print out an extra copy for yourself and keep it with you... just in case.


All participants must complete: NW Beach VB/Bottega Waiver

NWJRs Elite VBC Members: Medical Release and Concussion/Cardiac Paperwork is on file. 

Non-NWJRs Club Members: Additional Registration Paperwork.  *Requires player and parent signatures.

  1. Medical Release Form 2019/2020
  2. Concussion/Cardiac Info with Signature page Sign last page

Speed up the check in process: e-mail to or fax to (425) 671-5020 at least 2 days prior to the event.