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Beach Club/AVP Academy

3 weeks of Beach Club - Begins August 10th - Sign up now!


Three weeks of Beach Club, practice begins the week of August 10th.

Openings: Practice Schedule assigned by Club Director:

  • Gold Beach Club $240: Practices are set for 2X during the weekdays of M-Th6:30-8:15 4:15-6:15PM (6-7 spots available)
  • Platinum Beach Club $360: Experienced Players ONLY (Grades 9-12); 3X per week T-Th; 6:30-8:15PM (3-4 spots available)

Covid-19 Related protocols:

August Practice Schedule:


BEACH WEAR: prefer NW Juniors logo apparel, but NO other Club's logo attire.

Here is the link:  Register for 3 weeks of Beach Club  Openings are filled on a first come basis.

 Players must secure AVP Membership .  It is required for ALL NW Juniors beach volleyball programs.  This is the insurance that allows players to step foot onto the court. The cost is $20.00 and is valid for 1 year. When registering select "AVP America" for athletic level".

Beach Club - SECOND WAVE - Begins July 13th!


BEACH CLUB -Wave Two - 6 weeks: Start Date July 13th

SPACE AVAILABLE--Gold practice is 2X per week: Tues and Thurs 2:45pm-4:30pm 

FULL --Gold practice is 2X per week: Mon  7:15pm-9:00pm and Thurs 2:45pm-4:30pm 
--Platinum practice is 3X per week: (Grade 9-11) Practice Days: Tue, Wed, Thur; 2:45-4:30 PM

*Players can train 2 or 3 days per week and will be grouped by experience.

Beach Club – Wave 2 - Pricing:

  • NON-Club Member Platinum for 6 weeks: $675.00
  • NWJrs Club Member Platinum for 6 weeks: $615.00
  • NON-Club Member Gold for 6 weeks: $480.00
  • NWJrs Club Member Gold for 6 weeks: $440.00

Payment plan options:

  • Option 1: Pay in full at time of registration
  • Option 2: Deposit of $150, plus one payment due July 13th
  • Option 3: Deposit of $150, plus two Payments: Due July 13th and Aug 1st (plus 3% Convenience fee)

*Tournaments are not included.  Travel is not included.  Uniform is not included.



AVP Membership is required  - cost is $20.00

NW Juniors apparel is required by the second week of practice.  This can be NW Juniors indoor club or NW Beach Club apparel.  You choose what you would like to order.  Order [HERE]

Covid-19 Protocols

Check our our dedicated Covid-19-Related page


As of Friday, June 5th, Snohomish county is now in Phase 2. 

This means we can begin our beach club training. We will begin training on Monday JUNE 15. This will give us adequate time to finish preparations at Bottega, properly train our staff, and fully prepare for beach training in a modified Phase 2 format. Because of the new protocols released by the Governor's office on June 5, we want to make sure we are in compliance of all DOH recommendations for reopening for business. 

For those of you that have reserved your spots, please be on the lookout in your email for an update with registration information.  The Practice Schedule is posted:

We look forward to seeing you the week of June 15.

    NW Juniors Beach Club has partnered with AVP Academy

    The Northwest Juniors Beach Club is an AVP Academy and open to all athletes! Players do not need to be members of NW Juniors VBC in order to participate in our Beach Club. It is open to all junior players, all ages, boys and girls.

    All athletes who register will be admitted to the AVP Academy and will have the opportunity for beach volleyball training.  You do not need a partner to signup. 

    NW Beach Volleyball Club

    Our training Facility: Formerly listed as Bottega Beach on Google Maps, our facility is now listed as "NW Beach Volleyball Club"

    We have a private 6-court facility with an indoor gym and many outdoor amenities. The focus of our program is on raising the level of play for all athletes in the region, regardless of skill level or age. 

    Facility Address: 8305 168th St. SE, Snohomish, WA 98296

    AVP Academy is the AVP's dedicated youth and collegiate level player development program to help players in all age groups connect to the AVP's mission of "inspiring healthy lifestyles and a lifelong connection to the sport of beach volleyball in youth and their families." The program combines components of beach volleyball training with sports psychology, nutrition, strength and conditioning to provide players with the highest level of training possible. 

    The concept is simple: develop the most complete athlete for their peak performance in the sport by integrating the components of beach volleyball training and education, Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, and college recruiting resources. Why wait until you are a college or pro athlete to get that kind of training? Start TODAY! Join AVP Academy Northwest and the NW Juniors Beach Club!

    If you are looking for a complete Beach Club program, you found it!


    Our Elite Training programs focus on developing the most complete athletes for a high level of competitive volleyball, both beach and indoor. Our AVP Academy coaches will help elevate your game to the next level, focusing on skill development, game tactics, plyometric training, and competitive play.


    Sports psychology is a discipline used by elite athletes with an end goal of improving their performance by using certain tools. Today, competition is fierce and very small differences may separate first from last. We invest in our athletes by teaching them how to work through common problems, helping them become the best they can be. AVP Academy athletes have access to online modules in Sports Psychology to help bridge the gap and add mental toughness.


    Fueling your body with the proper nutrients is integral in the way you perform on the court. We can help you gain the knowledge necessary through our online nutrition education program. 


    We work with our athletes to push them farther than they thought they could go. Focusing on increasing speed, strength, power, movement, and reaction time. Our athletes have access to training online training modules both in and out of season, making sure they stay game day ready all year long.

    The road to the AVP Begins Here...


    Say hi to our new recruiting expert, Sarah Pavan.  Sarah has a vast amount of experience with the recruiting process for both the indoor and beach disciplines of the sport.  Sarah has a variety of recruiting services that she is offering to all AVP Academy members.   Please click below to find out more. 



    We are taking reservations for our Beach Club. This will allow players to reserve their spot this year. It is open enrollment, but we have a limited number of spaces because of current crowd and training group limits.

    We will use your registration form and beach experience to assign training groups. We WILL NOT COLLECT any money until we are 100% sure of our start date. Tentatively, we plan on starting June 8 (moved to June 15), provided Snohomish County is in Phase 2. With a June 15 start date, our last week of beach club training will be August 3-7 (8 weeks). 

    *By reserving your spot and securing your AVP Membership, you will be given access to AVP Academy online content, which will give you access training tools while we wait to begin training.

    This is the member option to select.

    2020 Beach Club Season


    Estimated start date is June 8th  - Start date has been updated to June 15th.    The Practice Schedule is posted
    (All beach training will begin when Snohomish County enters Phase 2 of our governor’s re-opening plan.)

    • Our Platinum players will practice three times per week for 8 weeks.* (practices will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
    • Our Gold players will practice two times per week for 8 weeks.* (practices will be Monday and EITHER Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday)

    *Tournaments are not included.  Travel is not included. 
    Players can train 2 or 3 days per week and will be grouped by experience.

    Phase 2 (No spectators, parents will need to remain in their vehicle)

    • We will have each court sectioned off into a separate training area. There will be no cross-court interaction or exchange.
    • Small training groups of 4-5 players per court. We make every attempt to have players in a group based upon ability, so be sure when you complete the on-line registration you answer the player profile questions accurately.
    • Safety and cleaning guidelines will be in place as athletes train. These will be outlined to each participant as we get closer to our start date. Protocols will include, but will not be limited to temperature checks, waivers, cleaning protocols for players and equipment and more.
    • We will have a 30 minute buffer between training groups to allow for one group of players to leave before the next group takes the court.
    • We have over 100 athletes that have reserved spots in our beach club. This requires 3 waves of training most days. Phase 2 training waves will be as follows: (facility opens at 2:00)
      • Round 1: 2:45 - 4:30 PM
      • Round 2: 5:00 - 6:45 PM
      • Round 3: 7:15- 9:00 PM

    Phase 3 

    • Training groups will increase in size to 8-10 players per court.
    • Safety and cleaning protocols will remain in place.
    • Phase 3 training waves will be as follows: This presumes that we will still be following cleaning protocols and temperature checks
      • Round 1: 5:00 - 6:45 PM
      • Round 2: 7:15 - 9:00 PM

    Practice Schedule*: Practices are scheduled Monday thru Thursday afternoons. The number of waves will be determined once we know how many athletes are participating. With just 16-24 athletes per wave in Phase 2, we will need more practice up to three waves per day. When we get to Phase 3, we will be able to accommodate more athletes per wave.

    We plan on using Fridays for Queen of the Beach tournament competition. We will have a sign-up sheets and run waves throughout the day.

    Practice schedule is assigned by the Beach Club Program Director.  Ideally, we will have Platinum members train Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Gold Members will practice Monday and either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

    *Practice policy is the same as indoor; if  you miss a practice, there are no make-up practices.

    Beach Club Gear:

    Beach club gear is not included in the cost of beach club in 2020. Click the link below to be directed to the Beach Club clothing store. Items will be delivered directly to you and several styles are available (for men and women). Numbers are not required.

    NW Juniors apparel is required by the second week of practice.  This can be NW Juniors indoor club or NW Beach Club apparel.  You choose what you would like to order.  

    For any other questions or concerns, check out the FAQ page or email us at

    Click here to go to the Beach Club store.

    AVP Weekly Digs: May 4

    Courtesy of the AVP:

    Stories from our Beach: Jeremy Casebeer:
    From growing up in Santa Barbara to playing years of beach volleyball in Hermosa, Jeremy Casebeer thought he knew a lot about the game he loved. After his first practice in Brazil, he was amazed by the pace of play and realized there was so much more to learn.

    Listen to why Jeremy continues to play year round, splitting his time between Hermosa and Rio to become a full-time student of the game.

    (redirected to AVP Website)

    AVP Best Men's Matches - 2019

    All participants must complete: Bottega Waiver

    Required Membership and Paperwork

    • In order to participate in Beach Club/AVP Academy players must secure AVP Membership .  It is required for all AVP events and programs.  This is the insurance that allows players to step foot onto the court. The cost is $20.00.
    • All participants must complete: Bottega Waiver   Both player and parent signatures are required.  Link will be provided at time of registration.

    Beach Club Tournament Schedule

    NW Beach Club-hosted tournaments are located on our Tournament Page.

    Players can register for their tournaments based on their availability during the summer. We encourage athletes to play in as many tournaments as their schedules allow. For the tournaments hosted by our Beach Club/AVP Academy we will have coaching staff in attendance. 

    *Due to Covid19, NW Juniors Beach Club will not include travel tournaments in our beach program this year.  We hope to bring them back Summer of 2021.

    2020 Beach Club/AVP Academy Costs

    NW Juniors Beach Club/AVP Academy Northwest.  Cost to participate is as follows:

    Beach Club costs do not include individual AVP Membership. The cost is $20.00 and is good for 12 months.

    NW Juniors Beach Club - AVP Academy Platinum (3 practices per week for 8 weeks)

    • $810 per person for NW Juniors Elite Club Members
    • $900 per person for NON-NW Juniors Elite Club Members 

    NW Juniors Beach Club - AVP Academy Gold  (2 practices per week for 8 weeks)

    • $576 per person for NW Juniors Elite Club Members  
    • $640 per person for NON-NW Juniors members 

    Payment structure:

    • A Deposit of $150 will be required up front upon enrollment and is non-refundable.
    • Option 1: Pay in full by June 5th
    • Option 2: First Payment is Due June 5th, Second Payment is Due July 5th.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy:  Deposit is non-refundable. If a player decides to withdraw for any reason on or after the first day of training there is no refund. The full fees must still be paid by the due date(s).