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Northwest Volleyball's highest priority is conducting our training sessions safely for our players, coaches, and their families. We expect families to make decisions based on their needs and requirements. If they do not feel safe, they should not participate.

We have created the following processes/procedures based on the guidance provided on the links on this page. Specifically, we are using the guidance Professional Sports & Other Sporting Activities Phase 2 and 3 COVID-19 Requirements except for having the ability to sanitize our volleyballs and using volleyball guidelines from the USA Volleyball (USAV) where applicable. By participating in any training session, the parents, players, and coaches accept all risks associated with COVID 19 and any other general risks associated with playing beach volleyball.

"Phase 3 Protocols for training and tournaments"

Moderate contact sports: softball, baseball, t-ball, soccer, futsal, volleyball,.....

Moderate contact outdoor sports athletes allowed to remove facial coverings for competitions. Facial coverings must be worn by athletes when training or when not actively competing in a game or match against another team or when on the bench waiting to play. Coaches, trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times

COVID19 Sporting Activities Guidance.pdf (

*Check-in is 15 minutes prior to start time.


  1. If a player exhibits any of the symptoms outlined here by the CDC, they are required to stay home.
  2.  All players must arrive and depart based on their schedule time. Players cannot arrive early and must immediately leave the court area as soon as players are dismissed.
    • The player DROP OFF zone will be on the East side of the courts, near the RED food truck. 
    • The player PICK UP zone will be on the South side of the courts near the WHITE bathroom trailer.
    • Between rounds, players are asked to stay in their vehicles until the previous group has been dismissed and left the player tent.
  3. Players will have designated areas for their personal gear.  There will be boxed areas under our outdoor player tent area, they must practice social distancing when stowing and accessing their gear.  We ask that players bring their own bottled water, personal hand sanitizer if possible, and any personal protection they need to participate in practice. 
  4. Players and coaches must stay at least 6' apart during sessions and avoid all direct contact with each other. 
  5. Players and coaches must sanitize their hands and forearms using their personal sanitizer. The club will have sanitizer on location as well for both players and coaches to use if needed.
  6. Each court will have a freshly sanitized set of volleyballs. The balls will be marked as designated for that court. When a ball crosses to an adjacent court, players and coaches are asked to kick the ball back to its designated court. Avoid using your hands.
  7. At the end of each practice session, players will return their volleyballs to the cart at the check-in area where they will be sanitized for future groups. 
  8. Players will be assigned to a court during the check in process. They are required to stay on that court for the entire session.
  9. Players will return to their designated gear location for breaks and return back to their court when the break is finished.
  10. When players are dismissed, they must leave the court immediately. Another group may be coming in after them.
  11. Tony Miranda or Joe Tassia are the designated onsite COVID-19 Supervisor for sessions.
  12. Under the Governor's Sporting Activities COVID-19 Requirements, coaches and players are required to wear face masks.  Please note, a player may be asked to suspend activity if they wear a mask and it becomes a breathing hindrance.  "Facial coverings must be worn by athletes when training or when not actively competing in a game or match against another team or when on the bench waiting to play. Coaches, trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times."
  13. We understand parents or siblings may want to watch practices primarily with the younger players, we ask that you either remain in your vehicle or beside it.  Masks must be worn at all times and 6 foot distancing guidelines followed.

We will communicate any changes made to these processes/procedures, but it is the responsibility of all parties to check here before each training session. We will modify this document as we feel necessary.  However, please do not interrupt coaches during training sessions.

We appreciate your cooperation and assistance with these processes/procedures. 


We have compiled the following links to resources to show full transparency to our players, coaches and their families.

CDC - Symptoms of Coronavirus

If a player exhibits any of the symptoms outlined here by the CDC, they are required to stay home.

Sporting Activities COVID-19 Requirements as of 03/21/2021

New Phase 3 requirements detailed for School and Non-school Youth Team Sports Indoor and Outdoor and Adult Recreational Team Sports Indoor and Outdoor.

USAV Return to Play Guidlines

Our practices are sanctioned by the AVP, however the USAV Guidelines are a great framework and plan for return to play.