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Spots still available for May Beach training

By Tony Miranda, 03/16/18, 3:30PM PDT


Register now and secure your training for May

Players encouraged to take advantage of early training before Beach Club begins

Northwest Juniors has opened up registrations for our April and May Beach Training. [REGISTER HERE]

Our April and May training is open to juniors (boys and girls) players of all levels and from any club in the region. USAV Membership is required to participate.

Our April and May training will allow you to get stronger and faster, while adding beach volleyball skills and touches to your weekly routine. If you are planning on playing in beach tournaments this summer, pre-season training is a must. Gone are the days where you just pick up the beach game playing at your first tournament. With the growth of the sport, it is highly encouraged you take the opportunity to start in April.

As a club we advocate the addition of beach volleyball training to supplement the indoor game and make your athlete a better overall volleyball player. That’s one of the reasons our club invested in a beach training facility -- for players from all over the Region, not just for our athletes. Beach training makes players better, stronger, faster and incorporates more of an "individual sport" component to a child's progression as an athlete.

But don’t take our word for it, Olympic Gold Medalist and current US Women’s National Indoor Team Coach and beach volleyball legend Karch Kiraly recommends beach volleyball for indoor players. According to Karch Kiraly: 

"It’s easier to take your outdoor skills into the gym than to bring your indoor skills outside. Simple reason. Beach volleyball forces you to have all the skills. That’s why I think it’s a good idea for indoor players to play on the beach. . . . Learning those skills can only help improve a player’s indoor performance. All my years playing on the beach as a kid certainly helped my indoor game. If nothing else, a player’s quickness and jump will be increased by playing on soft sand."

We are using our April and May sessions to supplement the last two months of the indoor season and as an opportunity to prepare all athletes for the summer. If you like the training, we encourage you to consider joining our AVP Academy Northwest --  which provides beach training  in a club-style atmosphere with travel and tournaments, starting in June. 

One of the reasons we encourage starting in April is that there are major beach tournaments in our region in May. In fact, the Region is hosting a National Beach Qualifier on May 12 & 13 and our Bottega Beach Facility is the home for the U14 and U16 Divisions. I am sure you have seen emails from our region commissioner referring to that event. That's just the first of three weekends of beach competition just in May!

For our April and May beach training, you would sign up for 5 sessions per month. We offer the training 15 times during the month, and you pick the 5 days that work best with your schedule. The cost is $250 per month for the five session. You will also pick which 5 days you want to train. It is essentially Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In April, we also add the 8, 14, and 28th as options because there are only 12 weekday options in April. Times in April are 5:30 – 7:30 (sunset varies in April from 7:40-8:20 PM). Times in May are 5:30-7:30 PM (Sunset from 8:20 – 9). 

We highly recommend starting in April, and not waiting until May for a few reasons:

1.    The more you train on the beach, the better you get indoors and overall at volleyball.
2.    So what if you have to practice in sweats in early April… you are getting better at volleyball!
3.    But really, May is when tournaments start and if you want to be tournament ready, you want to start in April. 
4.    Our Beach club/AVP Academy starts in June. While enrollment is open to all, only a select few will make the beach traveling team. There are tournaments all over the Northwest as well as in California and Florida this summer. Our Beach traveling team will participate in those travel tournaments. We will select 8-10 athletes in each age group for the Beach traveling team from among all the members in the beach club. 

So give yourself the best chance by starting in April! 

Still have questions? We will have more information and a full plan of how the summer works at our Beach Open House: 

Saturday, March 17: 12-2 PM at our Beach Facility -- Bottega Beach Park in Clearview [Directions]                                
We look forward to seeing your athlete in the sand!